Chasing the wind

David Rickless

The secret of success is concentrating interest in life, interest in sports and good times, interest in your studies, interest in your fellow students, interest in the small things of nature, insects, birds, flowers, leaves, etc. In other words to be fully awake to everything about you & the more you learn the more you can appreciate & get a full measure of joy & happiness out of life. LeRoy Pollock, in a letter to his son Jackson (via Brain Pickings).

Backyard beekeeping:

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Tom Lamb on this article for Northeast Alabama Living. You can see more photos here.

Maptia: A publishing platform that maps your adventures

With all the online publishing platforms out there, it takes a lot for a new startup to stand out. But Maptia, I believe, has got it. Founded by a team of web-savvy travelers based out of a beach town in Morocco, takes a new approach to visual storytelling.

What Maptia brings to the table is a focus on place. Stories published on the site are tagged with a location which links them to a world map. Within a story, each individual image or text “post” is itself mapped to a location. So you’ll be able to create a visual map of a place based on your own experience.

The founders clearly paid attention to good design, and the interface is pleasant to work with. They’ve already collected some fascinating writing and photography, to which I’ve been honored to contribute.

You can check out their introductory article to learn more, or have a look around the site. They’re gradually scaling up the platform, and making more features public, so I’m expecting dope stuff to come!